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Re-lining brake shoes


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I have begun to take my 2nd WW AA No 1 Mk II ® trailer to bits. Having a real struggle to get the pin out of the connection between the front axle and the chassis. It moves, but only slightly. I suppose I will have to get some serious heat on the shaft to get it free. However the query I have is re-lining the brake shoes. I am afraid the original lining, which I presume is woven asbestos, has nearly disintegrated to dust. Does anybody recommend a company who will re-line them, or does anybody know someone who sells brake liner I can rivet/glue back onto the existing shoes. Given that I will not be able to get woven asbestos, and as it has disintegrated, what type and thickness of liner should I use. The brakes are impact brakes, and the trailer is rated at 5 tons.


Any advice pointers etc most welcome.

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Most industrial clutch and brake specialists will relign brake shoes it is not that hard a job. Try Midland Brakes ltd

0121 561 2212


Very helpful firm they will post or courier parts.

I have been dealing with them for over 20 years and they have never not been able to sort me out.

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Thanks Jiver. I am having them brought back from Spain, so I will send them off when I get them. Maybe a while before I can get them out again though. I will put pix on the site as soon as I have something interesting. Sadly the trailer is not being restored to an AA radar receiver, but as a tractor shifter.


I have just acquired an ex Swedish Army Unimog 406 to pull it. This is my UK restoration project. Mechanically reasonable, just have to repair and reinstate the air over hydraulic braking system, and then add some form of air operated braking system on the trailer. Plus bodywork, repaint etc and have the seats re-upholstered by 'Jim the Trim' in Colchester. No buck on it as yet either.


The Spanish police are getting very tight on any vehicle and trailer that could be illegal. Once sorted the trailer will have to have an 'MOT' of sorts before I can take it out onto the road.

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Thanks Jiver. I am having them brought back from Spain, so I will send them off when I get them.


hi Tim,

You asked about sizes of linings, you will need to supply the diameter of the drum, or take it with you, to the brake reliners so they can work out the thickness required by comparing radius of shoes to drums.


regards, Richard

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