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Airborne Jeeps with 106mm Recoilless Rifles - Suez 1956

simon king

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Anybody know how the 106mm recoilless rifles were fitted to the few airborne jeeps that carried these during the Suez operation in 1956? I think they were only fitted in Cyprus having seen French troops equipped with them in the run-up to the operation


The back of the jeep was cut out and the cut edge seems to be strengthened with angle iron. The mount rested on the back of the jeep but don't know how the front was supported - any ideas?


YouTube video here



(at 2.24)





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YOU can see in this picture the barrel clamp bracket for the 106 on the French jeep


Thanks Wally - you can see from the video that the British jeeps are different (and more extemporised) and seem to have a clamp bolted to the scuttle - I think in the same way as a clamp was used to secure the rifle on the Champ.


I was just wondering of the wheel was left on the carriage and something fabricated to hold it level or whether it was removed completely and another leg fabricated - it's impossible to see from the video which seem to be the only images of this conversion around unless someone can point me to another one. The Airborne Forces Museum certainly don't have anything at all.



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