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1954 Excelsior consort 98cc help


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Hi, I am sorting out the above bike and it`s mostly done, the bit I am struggling with is the wiring in the headlamp as most of it is missing, I can work the head light out but the switch is a bit confusing ,I have never worked on a bike this old before, so does anybody have a wiring diagram or can tell me which wires go into which bits on the switch, the switch looks like the standard lucas one with just off and high and low(and in the headlight as per the flying flea and most bikes of this age.

Thanks Simon

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I now have a wiring diagram and it all makes sense now, It was the optional extra of the parking light that was confusing me as I did not know they had such a thing as I have never had a bike this old and never expected there would be a 3v dry cell battery wired into the lights. You live and learn.

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