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Ward la France M1A1 (1945)


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Hi all -


Emptying my hard-drive and found these two pics.


Ward owners will be pleased. :-D


width=360 height=274http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u233/Markheliops/s10-012.jpg[/img]


width=629 height=412http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u233/Markheliops/largerwreckerphoto.jpg[/img]


I located these two pics on a site for the 328th Engineer Battalion, Photo Album (103rd Infantry Division). Pictures taken somewhere in Germany 1945.


Once I down-loaded the pics, closer inspection of the rear unit markings of the Ward showed the vehicle as belonging to the 132nd Ordnance Battalion of the 10th Armoured Division. That would tally with unit records.


My Ward is being marked up as 11th Armoured Division, 133 Ordnance Battalion. As far as I know, this unit played an important part in the Battle of the Bulge - but I stand to be corrected.


Anyway, enjoy.






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Yes enough of this thread already :whistle:


Mike - was it your Ward on the front of the CMV a couple of years ago???



Yup, December 2005 :-D. I have it here. Sadly not me driving in the cover pic though. I also got 4 photos inside but only one with me behind the wheel 8-).


More period pics to come once I've dusted off the scanner.


For anyone who's now inspired to join the elite WLFOC I'm about to post a 'for sale' ad. in the classifieds section.

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And another WLF photo from the dribbling archives. :drool:


This one is courtesy of Matt :-).


Check out that row of jerrycans. There's a shot in one of the books of a Ward crane being used as an impromptu meat hook. I wonder if it follows on from this shot...


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