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New Swede on the Forum


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My name is Bjorn and I'd like to introduce myself to the forum.

I moved to England in 1998 to join a friend in a Startup company, and I'm still there. Did the usual thing, met a local beauty, got married, bought a house and then kids (well, more or less in that order :blush:). So now I'm properly stuck and here to stay!


Closing in on 50 years old and always having had an interest in military matters (all the males in my family are officers, except me, the black sheep :whistle: ), a new phase seems to have taken hold of me. Not long ago I stumbled onto the fact that the Swedish army is selling out a lot of their old equipment, having converted from a conscript army to a professional one a few years ago. Suddenly they don't need quite so many vehicles, and presumably also upgrading to more modern stock in light of recent experiences. And there are proper bargains to be had!


The one that really caught my interest is the Scania TGB 30 truck (called SBA 111 by the manufacturer) which we used during my own military service in Sweden in the early 80's. At that time these were quite new (mainly delivered from 1976) with features like electronic gear selector and automatic gear box. They certainly made a huge impression on us when they forced their way through the Swedish forests, seemingly unstoppable and with a terrific sound track :D


So the plan is to import one and then use it for family excursions and taking it to meets. My boys (4 & 7) are certainly very much up for this, but the chances of my wife coming along may be slim. Anyway, she doesn't mind having some time for herself :iloveyou:


My experience running/owning trucks is virtually non-existent, apart from the exposure we had in the army, so there will no doubt be a huge amount to learn. So that is the reason I'm here, to hopefully learn from the collected knowledge available on the forum and across the land. I'm reasonably handy with tools but certainly Not a mechanic by any stretch of the imagination. I like to do small jobs on my cars and am looking forward to take on things with the truck as much as possible.


Initially I'm looking for all the information I can find on the import process and have been scouring the government sites and the forums. Also joined the MVT as it seems like they provide some useful services. Ultimately my goal is to setup a "flow chart" to help with navigating through the bureaucratic labyrinth. Who knows, if it comes out ok I may upload it here :whentitsdone:


I'll also be looking out for some place to park the truck in Hertfordshire, preferably under cover of course. Close to our town I've spotted a caravan park which seems to be able to do the job, at least short term. But it's not covered and not the cheapest so will continue to look around.


Hope to see you around!


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Hej Björn, välkommen hit!


I think your best bet for a good TGB 30 would be MILMAC in Strängnäs. They have at least one for sale at the moment, 70.000 SEK with 35000 kms on the clock:




I guess you could just hop in and drive it to England. There shouldn't be any problems importing it as both countries are EU and the truck is a 1976 model and thus also older then 30 years.


I think Milmac may have several to choose fromScania TGB 30.jpg


I will actually be going to Strängnäs this weekend to have a look at Arsenalen, the armour museum. I hope to be able to drive by Milmac before returning home on Sunday.


Lycka till,


Göran Norén


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I actually visited Milmac in the summer to have a look at their trucks but I'm afraid it was not a good match. The "cheaper" trucks where in a very sorry state indeed and the proper ones were far too expensive. More like 100k SKr (incl. VAT) (i.e. around £10k). Basically Milmac caters to corporate buyers, not individuals.


But the private MV collection at Milmac is Amazing!!


I have seen several nice trucks on private sale for less then half the Milmac price so that is definitely where I will focus my search efforts ;)

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Welcome on board. The Swedish camo pattern is one of the best around, always had a soft spot for it!



You see these trucks for sale both with and without the cammo pattern, but those Having it are certainly more desirable :-D


However, if I find the Right truck then I wouldn't let a lack of cammo stop me.

You can obviously add it afterwards but since it costs nothing extra when you buy them... ;)


It does seem that it's relatively unusual with cammo on British MV's. Any particular reason?

Lack of forests to hide in? :whistle:

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Interesting, I had no idea!

Presumably for the Indian army then?


Saw it on some site that was selling some.


I wish I would of known about these earlier as would have been a perfect vehicle , with that cab on the back for my cross Aussie trip that I am now rushing to complete my Acmat for. I am now curious what would be involved in making it RHD, but I guess if there is a civi variant it would be fairly straight forward

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Post pictures! :D


I'd love to but I'm having real problems finding my way around this forum. Would that fit best under "Transports & Wreckers"?

I'm not even sure what a "Wrecker" is but I guess the TGB 30 is a general Transport kind of vehicle at least.


Otherwise this particular section seems to be more suitable for "introductions" after all :undecided:

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