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I'm afraid I'm unable to read anything on those plates, but the chassis plate will give its serial number & military registration mark. The two numbers have a close numerical relationship to each other. The chassis plate is 3" x 6" mounted vertically on the chassis on the passenger side. You can see it looking through with the front wing on your left and the front tyre on your right.


It has a number of non-original embellishments, such as the turret, spotlights, things on the front wings & things above the rear ATU mounts.


You have may well have been told that this is a Mk 2, but that opinion would be based on the fact that it has a barricade ram. It is a Mk 1 & I used to have a Mk 1 with barricade ram. It has not been up-armoured in Operation Bracelet to bring it to so called Mk 2 status.


(I say so called Mk 2 because the chassis plates of Mk 1s that have been stamped up will often say Mk 2. That is very confusing because the forerunner to this vehicle was the FV1609 was the real Mk 1 & the production Pig FV1611 & FV1612 were actually the Mk 2. But in the up-armouring process the Army forgot that & they should have really called the up-armoured Pig the Mk 3. If your chassis plate does not have the Mk recorded then ignore all this detail. I am just trying to explain the reason why you might see Mk 2 on the plate when I am saying in normal parlance this is a Mk 1 ie it has not been up-armoured)


The barricade ram suggests a N.Ireland history as indeed the cut off side lockers although they can easily rust away!


I imagine this is a FV1612 which was a Fitted For Wireless truck that has been upgraded to Fitted For Radio as it has the 4th antenna mount on the driver's side rear corner. All Pigs had 3 antenna mounts, the 4th one is an indication of the change from FFW to FFR role. If it has served in NI it may well have rear seats to convert it to FV1611 role ie carrying personnel.


If the chassis plate is missing can you read the engine serial number & I can match the engine to a vehicle, provided of course it hasn't had a transplant.:D

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I.D. Plate


1 Ton C.T. Armored F.V. 161?A NO? MK?


CONT. NV6/VEH/27169


Turret Plate






FED STOCK# unreadable


SER# 3516




Can you tell me where the engine plate is I could not find it.



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I found the engine plate.


Engine Re 20153FV 144006


Found where that chassis plate was but it was remove .


Hope the engine # will be enough.

Thanks for all you help


I think you have just given me the Rolls Royce part number (RE) & the FVRDE (Fighting Vehicle Research & Development Establishment) FV number which is their design specification.


I think you'll find you were looking in the green rectangle, what I need is in the red one where it says Engine No.


Shame about the chassis plate.



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That's a great shame. Presumably somebody at some time wanted to make it unidentifiable & they have succeeded.


Worth just checking the contents of this tube.




That should hold the engine history on a roll of paper. If the paper is still there it will have the engine number.


A very long shot is to look down on the top of the chassis through the engine bay adjacent to the area where the plate should be on the side. Very occasionally you can just make out the chassis number that has been stamped on there.


If that fails then it must have had an import license & the document would contain the registration or chassis number. Can you trace it back in all probability to a police department & see if they have a record of it. I believe you have something similar to a Freedom of Information Act & they would be legally bound to tell you.


If you had a vague date of import & ideally the UK seller then that may show up on the records I have here.

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