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airborne JEEP and 6 pounder


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That's the equivalent of the 2lb isn't it?

I don't know how they got that photograph - what was the result when it landed???

US 37mm was roughly the equivalent of the British 2Pdr which was a 40mm piece. Pre WW2 most of the major nations had this sort of calibre AT weapon. The Germans had a 37mm piece. Unfortunately the pace of AFV development quickly outstripped the capability of these weapons and even by 1940 heavier armour had rendered them all but obsolete. The Germans found that their 37mm PAK just bounced off the Matilda II at any range The US hadn't got anything except the 37mm when they landed in North Africa and they had to use the British 6Pdr (produced to US dimensions and finishing up as 57mm).The British fought most of the Desert campaign using the 2pdr but found it was useless against the Panzer III at anything greater than 400 yards. The 6Pdr helped but production difficulties slowed its introduction and it was virtually obsolete by the time it reached the combat units. Enter the 17Pdr!!!!!!

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