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Durafix easy weld.

Tony B

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Tried it - I was useless with it, but it does look like the sort of stuff you would need to practice and practice some more.


I was trying to use it on sheet metal and got nowhere. It may be fine for castings and solid lump repair. Have a look the the You tube videos though

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I've this several times and its ok if you take your time, don't rush, clean everything properly and don't overheat the ally. Repairs have lasted well.-

Used to sell this stuff in halfords and motorbikes. Ideal for cracked and broken gearbox housings. Cast too. Heated of some excellent results in the classic car mags. Cleanliness is the secret, if you think it's clean then do it again to be sure. Not sure if you need a flux tho! Probably wouldn't hurt to TIN the surfaces too before hand.

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Thanks guys! I've a Sthil chainsaw that has a cracked ally oil way. I don't want to scrap the saw, but new parts are are uneconomic.

In which case (don't laugh or fob this off) liquid metal!! Not a bodge as many think. Clean all paint and residue off surface, open crack if need be for better penetration. Rough surface for better adhesion. I use brake cleaner to deep clean after all this and mix n apply liquid metal. Leave overnights best and lasts an age!

As an example, I repaired a hairline crack in my fuel pump on my Mercedes sprinter til I had time to fit New unit, lasted a month til changed and still dry!!!

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I was taliking to a guy at work today who is seriously into RC aircraft and boats. He was raving about the stuff, apprently it is the go to fix when engines etc get damaged.


If you want to do a proper job... One word.. "BELZONA"

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