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Austin k3 not chargeing !


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hi all

im proud and very headache drawn owner of an early austin k3, ever since i had it ive been plagued with the problem with non chargeing battery, leaveing very often stuffed in fields or country roads. there is simply no charge going back to the battery,


the regulator box is a wartime type and is brand new and we also no it works as it was checked,


the lorry is apparently earthed to the chassie ( apparently as it was a bodge job when i brought it !)


the dynomo was rebuilt recently , and the engine is from a post war lorry as the orinal decided to join me in the cab!


it is chucking a charge out to the regulator and it is blowing a fuse each time as it throws a negy regulator into a positive night mare,


any help will be helpful





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I suspect the regulator, it might be brand new and look ok. You will need to polish the contacts to make sure. I have bought many "new" ones over the years they never worked until they were cleaned up despite checking with a meter. Is there an ammeter and can you check the voltages say when you turn on all the lights ?

Do the fuses blow if you disconnect the rest of the circuitry from the battery ?

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