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How can our super stand in Mr Womble Uncle Bulgaria only be 38 at his next birthday??

I'm 42 this year, and went with my Granny to see the wombles in Bournemouth winter gardens. :whistle:

Were you on stage that night, in about '74or '75?? Uncle Bulgaria what went on backstage with Madame cholaise ?? The full story was never revealed by The evening echo. :? :?


Hardyferret out of the closet ' I WAS A WOMBLE FAN' :shake: :shake: :shake:

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I know what you mean, how can someone so handsome, charming, suave yet so youthful be 42 this year :? :? :dunno:


And modest to a fault :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:


Now I think I will duck below the parapet :-D


Hardyferret :wave:

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