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Smock of the Antarctic...

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Round three of 'Date That Smock'...:-D


Pics attached of my newly acquired Arctic Windproof Smock. Not a particularly newsworthy example, but it's in overall very good condition and the price was very reasonable.


It has a maker name, so pre-mid nineties. I note that it has washing instructions on the label which the also Cookson & Clegg made 'SAS' smock doesn't have. Does this help date it?





Arctic Windproof Smock - label R.jpg

Arctic Windproof Smock - interior R.jpg

Arctic Windproof Smock - back R.jpg

Arctic Windproof Smock - front R.jpg

Arctic Windproof Smock - pocket R.jpg

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This one is identical to my other arctic smock , the only difference being that mine is 180/96 size,and the maker is Dashmore clothing.It dates from the early nineties.Also with regard to my earlier mid eighties smock,the material seems more like the lighter dpm found on the late seventies early eighties type,where the dpm pattern is quite discernable on the reverse or inside of the material,where as my early nineties smock is more whiter on the inside.Also the buttons on the eighties example are shiny,wheras on the later one they are duller,similar to those found on the gs temperate smock also issued from about 1994.Hope this makes sense/helps.:-)

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