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Series 3 FFR Alternator Whistle


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Could be electrical or mechanical. Could be dry & stiff belts on rusted Vee pulleys if it has stood a while. A pair of new cog belts will help in all respects & polish up the Vee pulley grooves a bit.


User manuals state bearings are packed in grease XG271 on assembly and require no additional lubrications between major overhauls of the unit. The front bearing is bigger and a spl. by Prestolite / Leece Neville.


However :-




Seel Items 15 + 16 LoL , described as - aluminium washer & screw plug.


First - what I suggest is - remove 15 + 16 , add a few drops of gear oil , if the noise reduces , then mix a slury of Ep90 & CV joint grease and get some in.

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So do some of the passengers I have carried in the back of some of my previously owned Military vehicles!.......:angel:
I can empathise, but at least by the time I'd made it to the dizzy heights of Lynx pilot, the noise from two Gems and the gearbox tended to drown-out any complaints from the pax. :)


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