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RB44 towing a sankey


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It may seem obvious but just in case I do anything I shouldn't. For towing a sankey trailer do I need to lower the NATO towing hitch on an RB44. I would assume I do and I did try moving it before the RB whent to the garage with its 'incident'. I actually gave up as I couldn't undo the bolts so I may need something pneumatic to undo them. I like to take my Catering sankey to the shows with me, and I usually tow it with a SWB 2.5nad and im sure the trailer really weighs more then the landy and on some steeper motorways the landy is slowing down to as low as 25mph! The Landy is fine with a GS sankey but when your towing something that is not only almost as heavy as you but damn well nearly as large its like towing a very un-aerodynamic concrete block. The current towing position on the RB44 seems to high but there only seems to be one other postion and that looks slightly lower then the landy, but I was told it is far safer to have a sankey trailer nose down than nose up. in advance, many thanks.


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That's a point actually. I may take the RB on the occasional green lane but never with a trailer as that is for shows only. I suppose I should test to see what it drives like whilst towing. The furthest I will be going with the trailer from cambs/herts border is to CPOP show up north and WAP down south so long as towing on the higher position that distance wont do it any harm then I may be best leaving well alone as I may not put it back on as good as its on now.

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