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track laying


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Guidance notes for small businesses on the Road Vehicles – (Authorisation of

Special Types) (General) Order 2003

1 “Standard Regulations” are: The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 S.I. 1078 as amended,

The Road Vehicles (Authorised Weight) Regulations 1998 S.I. No 3111 as amended by S.I. 2000 No. 3224 and S.I.

2001 No 1125. The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989 S.I. 1796 as amended.


Type of Vehicle 1986 Construction and Use Regulations that do not apply

Machine solely

used for laying

materials for road


Provided wheels equipped with pneumatic tyres provided

with smooth tread and vehicle cannot by construction

exceed a speed of 20mph regulation 27(1) (b) shall not


Track Laying

Motor Vehicle

registered before

31/12/1951 or

road roller

A motor vehicle registered on or before 31st December

1951 need not apply 31 or 34 and in the case of a road

roller regulation 28 shall not apply.

Track Laying


In the case of a road roller regulation 28 shall not apply

hi does any one know what regulation 31 and 34 is?i did try to look it up and it came up as width

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