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New British Army trucks


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Know it's not strictly historical but saw 2 brand new MAN HX60s and a HX77 on the M3 on Friday closely followed by a pair of Oshkosh HETs. Was all I could do to steer in a straight line I was so excited :drool: (I know, I should really get a life but I can't help it!)


Saw several convoys on way back on Sunday of usual stuff but including a couple of Renaults that I've seen one of before but never mentioned in mags or MV forums.

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Trouble is, (in my 'umble oppinion, :whistle:) a lot of these new trucks look,...........well SOFT....................

Look to the Scammells, Diamond T's and Matadors, to name but three, :drool:..........' real metal',..............( Ok Jack, I'll include GMC's,...............)


Andy, ( with the tin hat, and running shoes, to dodge the incomming,............ :-D

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Wouldn't say these look soft. Trawled a couple of piccies off ARSSE to make up for my lack of forethought :whistle:

The pics are of a HX77 being delivered and of a possible recovery variant.


Looks like the guys who have been testing them like them.





[attachment deleted by admin]

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