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Vehicles used in Vietnam war.


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Hi all,


I am curious to find out if anyone knows the figures on vehicles during Vietnam


There must be a rough account somewhere of Vehicles, their variants and quantities sent to Vietnam?


What I would most like to know, how many M151 series vehicles where sent out, how many returned back to the U.S after the conflict, how many where destroyed and how many where left for ARVN forces after the American withdrawal - I appreciate that this could be an un-likey discovery.


I am interested in any information you have, ball park figures, and rough guesses, I would also be interested to learn the total about of vehicles that went there.


Thanks in advance.

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Plenty of


Land Rover SWB GS

Land Rover LWB GS

Land Rover LWB FFW

Land Rover Workshop


ACCO Troop Truck

Scammell Contractor

ACCO Tipper

M113 A1


MHD02 Barber Green


To name but a few

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