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Falklands Para Smock Insignia


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Hi Guys,


I'm going to tart doing Falklands reenactment, as a Corporal in the 2nd Parachute Regiment. I've got a Para smock, but I have no clue to what should go on it. At the moment it has corporal stripes on the right arm. What type of Para wings should I get and where should they go? Should I have any 'flashes'?


Many Thanks,




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Smock insignia around this period was largely confined to the jump wings on the upper-right sleeve, below which was worn (on both sleeves) the DZ patch in blue or green for 2 or 3 Para (these being either wool-felt or coloured cotton-drill), and below (on the right sleeve only) subdued rank chevrons for most NCO's in dark-brown synthetic thread on an olive-drab nylon base cloth............those qualified individuals also wore "foreign" jump wings in cloth above the right breast pocket flap.........and that was about it at the time......


Worth remembering that although the para smock was used in the Falklands, most of the units had been issued with the arctic windproof smock and trousers that were usually worn over, or in place of, the jump smock............insignia seems to have followed a similar course although a study of period photos reveals that perhaps less, if any insignia, was worn on the arctic smock other than the prized "wings" and the occasional use of the DZ patch..........rank could be seen on the front or rear tabs, or in some instances still sewn to the sleeves of the arctic garment......

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Yep most wore parkas and heavier combat trousers etc due to cold conditions, incessant prevailing wind and rather moist conditions etc. All as already said re insignia and rank chevrons etc. Para smock was used as dry kit /spare kit as well



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The weather was perhaps the biggest enemy in the Falklands.......fortunately, most Para's had already been issued with the arctic windproofs, liners, caps, reversible waterproofs, etc, that although not perfect be any means were arguably far more suitable for the combat conditions encountered in respect of weight than other troops who had to deal with similar but clad in heavier, longer parkas, etc......


Few Paras were concerned about insignia once the action commenced......survival, against (all) the elements, was the priority............I can only offer genuine respect for those so engaged.....

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