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  1. If you have a problem with my grammar please feel free to come and see me to discuss it.
  2. The Commander should have got down soon as it started to drop, that bridge could have acted like a guillotine, lucky it didn't drop to far. My biggest fear was turning over in a sabre/simitar in the drivers seat but the worst thing that happened to me was sliding sideways down a track in otterburn . Some people need to be a bit more respectful in there comments this guy could have many hours in the seat of a ferret. Even formula 1 drivers get it wrong now and then.
  3. I didn't realise how small they where compared to a ferret . Looking forward to seeing the end product. :-)
  4. This thread has brought the memories flooding back. :cheesy: Me taken the picture just before heading of to lark hill from 17 trg reg and depot in 89
  5. http://www.tankmuseum.org/ixbin/indexplus?record=ART3714&_IXMENU_=top
  6. Found this on google . http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?220630-My-Para-smocks-collection-FALKLANDS-WAR
  7. That's what i don't get, how old is old? I see all the smocks on here have Velcro and that hasn't been around that long, has it? And the second one you posted i used to have one but the rear sight on the gimpy ripped the pocket clean of so i binned the bugger :undecided:
  8. Its way to small for me and i would sell it . But the epaulettes have been cut of to make it look like a sas style smock "not by me though" And i have an arktis smock that's made from gabardine and its really soft, just wish i could wear it all day its so comfy And the price of dpm has dropped due to the demand for mtp. But i have a full set of that as well
  9. Looking at yours mine is slightly different, so i got it wrong :red: But its a cold weather jacket with a full length chinese fighting jacket inside. sorry to the state of my carpet :red::red::red:
  10. How much do you think something like this would fetch in the same condition. I was given the same kind but its to small for me. It comes with a Chinese vest inside.
  11. Chieftains in Iraq http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klyQcsEQaeY
  12. Just love these old films, much better then when the m.o.d. used to put out.
  13. Just started to watch this and though i should post a link for others .
  14. I don't speak to my brother any more so that would be impossible, but he left early 90 and was always boasting how his regiment had the better kit than mine. We still had 58 webbing and slr's in 89 :undecided: Here's a picture of the inside lid of my bergen. It was brand new when i bought it of a friend for £20 , just need some rocket pooches for it.
  15. I have a plce olive large bergen dated 89 . And i am sure my brother was issued a goretex bivi bag in the late 80s when he did a tour in Ireland.
  16. That happens to most films in the states now and i meant most of the world not just the u.s.
  17. It just shows you what's still out there that can be saved, excellent pictures and what seemed like a mini adventure. And the sherman in Argentina is complete but 30,000 just for a brand new radial in the box . God knows what the sherman is going for.
  18. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?30787-Burma-Spitfires-check-your-piggy-banks
  19. Abbots seem to be popular over in the states, two where used in the new batman film. Welcome to the forum
  20. That's a proud tribute to the blokes that crewed her during the Vietnam war, well done all involved . :clap::bow:
  21. Clansman has been around for a long time before the Falklands conflict so i can say with confidence this will work but get a second opinion as i can't see the plug at the end of the head set.
  22. Is it from a stealth bomber? :nut: :-D
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