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  1. I won a 72 pattern pack in a job lot of pouches from eBay. The 6 pouches cost less than £30!
  2. I picked this up at Military odyssey, for a bargain at £10 (Donkey jackets are really expensive nowadays!), and goes into my collection of covert gear. I've been told these were NI Issue only, and this one has MT Names in, presumably drivers? Goes into my collection of Covert kit, and perfect for CBQ airsoft (which the mp5 and browning are). This is pretty much what my dad had when he was there.
  3. Do you mean the shiney exterior type, Falklands War era? Like these:. This type is no longer made, and the helmets are thin on the ground themselves as they were only in production for a short time, and the shells did crack/fracture. A lot were destroyed during P-Company. There is still a lot of the the Kevlar ones which came later though, which look identical under a cover.
  4. Cheers for the info Ed. I didn't realise the sizing change, but as fine as it looks good externally, for shows, etc.
  5. How come? I think I've found the remains of a makers tag.
  6. Found this not very well listed on Gumtree at a bargin price! The Para flash caught my attention. Definatly an early issue one, in quite a small size though. Apart from the flash on the right arm, there is a strip of velcro above the left breast pocket, presumably for a name tape, and the rear eppaulette has been removed. The seller didn't have any info on it but one for the Falklands collection anyway.
  7. Morning all, Here's my collection of 58 bottles. One 60's, three 70's, four 80's and three 2012's. One thing that gets me is all the different makers. F&G started making them, then PP, but I thought Osprey was later? Any one got insight on this? The 77 Osprey one is a lot heavier than any of the others. [ Finally, I pulled this old jerry can out of a skip. It's 65 dated, and I think there rarer as they switched to black as well as the 58 bottles. Feel free to add pictures of your bottles.
  8. Thanks Clive. Those helmets were introduced in the early 80's I think. Pretty cool though. SH, I think they must of been retro-fitted on, possibly to the front chinstrap mounts. Sorry to bring this back, but a related question; Is it likely for Para's in the early 70's to have the old fibre rimmed mk1 helmet?
  9. I took my new spec handle off no problem. Where's you get yours ferretfixer?
  10. Excuse my dumbness, but are these 59 Pattern Denison's? I may be able to give one a good home
  11. Thanks alot for that info. Very helpful! I brought one of the batons at Stoneleigh too. What I want to know if that one visor similar to this one- Can/How/Does fit on a helmet like this one-
  12. Evening all, I plan on doing a bit of Para NI stuff over the summer, and really want a riot visor for my steel Para helmet. Anyone know how these are attached? I brought a NOS visor from Stoneleigh. Is it a similar way to the Turtles? Also on a side note, what this Para using to "help" the rioter along? Is it a one of the riot batons or the old picaxe handle? Thanks, Will
  13. It is. It has the British Crows Foot Arrow however. Will try taking it off at the weekend. Thanks.
  14. Hi guys, I recently brought a deac SLR. The one I got was great condition, bar the carrying handle! It's loose, really loose. Tilt the rifle and it swings about. Is there a way of tightening it up? I would like to replace it with a wooden handle to match the furnature in the future. Thanks, Will
  15. Hello there, I'm looking for some information on the riot visors for the Turtle helmets (And steel Para lids). I would like- Measurement A Measurement B And thickness of clear plastic shield. Thanks, Will
  16. A mate brought me this for a quid. Not sure what it is but the seller said it was something to do with attaching webbing to your parachute harness? Here some pictures-
  17. Yep, I'm going as a 80's Pathfinder, but not in an MV
  18. Dug this out of my loft. My dad's old Arctic Windproof, he gave me trousers as well . Home sewn on FFD pocket and velcro name tag above left breast pocket and woolen cuffs to keep heat in.
  19. If you go onto the drop down menu, it has nylon.
  20. I've just been on Silvermans website and it says they have nylon poncho rolls- http://www.silvermans.co.uk/tabid/62/MILITARY/WEBBING/58+PATTERN+PONCHO+ROLL/0/SKU/4-171-14190-1698/Default.aspx
  21. Thanks! I'm going as a Corporal from 2 Para. I'm looking for a Sterling now to complete my kit! The cut down Marine bergen frame will be used for camping, etc, and the nice bergen will be reenacting.
  22. Couple of events coming up. Firstly, the Dallas Dig Out- August 4th (One week). I've got some good stuff in past events! More info here- http://www.dallasautoparts.com Secondly, Military Odyssey show in Kent- August 24th, 25th, 26th. A large show I beleive, based on reenacting. More info here- http://www.military-odyssey.com
  23. Hello there, I've been given a very good condition clansman framed Sas/Para bergen for my Falklands reenactment by a FLGT SGT at my cadet squadron, and have brought these to mate together for general use- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/british-army-rucksack-SAS-Para-Bergan-/171077622406?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWNX%3AIT&nma=true&si=HVa05fEkoZ5so2DycKugoPGJtVk%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Arctic-Bergen-Frame-/300933980081?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWNX%3AIT&nma=true&si=HVa05fEkoZ5so2DycKugoPGJtVk%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc As the bergens have not hip/waist belt, I'm wanting to know if there was a homemade type waist/hip belt that squaddies made for the bergens in the 80s. I was thinking something like a roll pin strap? Many thanks, Will
  24. I'm gutted I didnt get a Sterling. They were only £325! On the web they are £450.
  25. I've asked my dad, who trimmed his Para wings. He said that it was down to personal preference and generally made the wings look neater.
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