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1/24 DAF DROPS and King trailer - KFS cab/wheels and rest scratchbuilt


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Thought I would post up pics of the DAF DROPS as it is complete for the moment ! Hope to add another flat rack at some time and finish a Landrover or two to put on as a load !


Concentration moved to the next build of Bedford TM's and with NOS's help, should be so much easier as will have loads more photos and info for these than I started off on the DROPS !


The pics

















Hope you like !!!!



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Stunning mate really nice but you need a cvrt to sit on t'back not a landy...!


Thanks Andy and Tim


I know Howard has plans for a tracked vehicle ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but I want to buy his MK instead !!!!!!!!!!!!! Plastic Landies will also be lighter on the chassis and will have less risk of an axle collapse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I made a DAF 95 4x2 and Revell low loader ages ago and spoiled it by placing di-cast plant on the back !!!!!!!!!!! The chassis gave out on the 4x2 !!!!!!!!!!


I know some folks put hidden pins into the base boards to beef up the strength but they can sometimes be too visible !!!!


Thanks for looking in



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