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Dennis vehicle driven by British soldiers in France , possibly during WWI


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Here is another ' find ' from the Library of Congress website.


A Dennis vehicle driven by British soldiers in France , possibly during WWI


This is a good size image to view. The original 22mb image can be viewed on Library of Congress website via the Flickr link below.


Dennis 1.jpg


British military vehicles in France during World War One


Here is the link to this photo on Flickr which has the Library of Congress link too so you can view the ORIGINAL file.



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I'll have to have a nose! How does it work?


If you click on the Flickr link under the photo you will find another link for the ' original ' file on Library of Congress website.


Once there enter something in the SEARCH box.


I have actually just found a photo of what looks like a British WWI tank with German markings being inspected by German soldiers... and its 20MB. I am waiting for it to download now to see exactly what it is.


Thanks for your comment.



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Don't forget that if you scan a realy fuzzy photo at 20 megapixies you get a realy large file size but the same low resolution as the original. As libraries tend to put digitalising photos out to contract they will have specified what resolution they want them scanned at but the originals will be very variable in quality.


You get a similar problem with engineering drawings that were microfilmed in the 60s and 70s. The originals were very varied in condition and they were often filmed all at the same settings so many were very hard to read but a record had been made so the originals (which often had not been looked at for 20 years and took up lots of space) could be dumped. Then people like us come along needing the original drawings to build a replica tank/ plane/ steam engine etc....




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