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2" Mortar


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I have seen some on the market with round, turn switch type triggers, but not the pull down lanyard type ones.


What mark, model or type are these?



Hi Mate ,

I believe that the 2" mortars with the turn knobs are also a bit different in the tube and are more "bellied" and these types are generally the earlier ones . Later ones went onto the more common lever type triggers that often had a lanyard with them (these also come in at least two types and can differ in tube length as they did a standard one and a version for Airborne forces which had a shorter barrel length . Mk8* i think) May I ask where you have seen these early mortars for sale and how much they were asking ?? If you ever come across a stokes 3" British ww2 mortar please let me know as I may be interested Thanks .


Hope this helps , Cheers Glynn

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Hi Glynn,


That 's interesting, ta.


I have now bought one from Cobbaton Combat Collection (with transit case and bore mop) for £350.


It is a Mike Priest deac. I think the barrel may, however, be a repro as it has a definite step in it, rather than the smooth transition from wide to v slightly narrower after the bottom section, and there is no serrated, milled locking section which engages with the toothed claw at the very base of the barrel. Nonetheless, it has been very neatly refinished with the white bore sighting line, etc, so I am pleased with it.


All the best.

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