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HELP! im working on our two pigs, they have been immobilized by the military

Tor Crowden

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If pigs have a similiar Distribution Box to a Saladin (photo attached) it may be the same problem I had. The box disconnects the batteries forcibly by direct mechanical means, but relies on spring pressure to re-engage the switch. The grease had gotten very hard in the shaft and bushing and the spring would not reliably push it back to contact. A dissassembly and cleaning solved the issue. May be worth opening the panel to see where the power is and is not.

Good Luck


BobDistribution Box Inside.jpg

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Hi, thanks for the dizzy info, i've had it all apart, as Clive said it is different but your right about them getting gummed up with old grease.


Clive could i have your phone number, you sound like the type of bloke i need to talk to if your free. today i managed to get some power to the control panel. but still not to starter, have had starter off she's all beautiful and free.


control panel was a right mess inside, have cleaned up best as i can in the field.


My contact details are;


on site mobile 07587306877

Im staying in Wingrave where the Pigs are stored land line number is 0129661244


would be grate to speak to someone in the know.

cheers tor

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The best thing to do is connect the batteries and start chasing the power from the battery leads through each circuit and see where the break is. I was taught this by a bloke who get Bosch and BMW out of trouble and it hasn't failed me yet.

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its all right! after many hours buggering around really today, the Rolls Royce B60 fired into life on P1 , after 20 years sitting in the yard. idles nicely i think only child birth could excite me more than that! (maybe)


took a long time to get going (had 9 ,batteries on and off charge the whole day , two chargers running constantly some of them were abit **** to be honest) , fuel tanks were shot so had a gravity feed from the roof, got a video off it all. didn't really hold out much hope for the dizzy due to the cracks in the top of the cap but amazingly came through, even ran on six from go!


unfortunately after getting the rusted bonnet (locks on n all) off P2 she looks proper seized, mondays missions will be a slow one, heres hoping i can do it with out removing the head.

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you need to post some photos, honestly your avatar one really does not give us much of a clue what you up against.


I really want to see what kinds of sheds you are working on



If they are the Pigs in the avatar are they these Pigs??







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