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combat rims


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yesterday I started to disassembly my Willys combat rims but I am not able to open two parts...

All bolts unscrewes ...no air inside but not able to open...there are a lot of movies in youtube to help to assembly but not opposite!

Somebody can help me? there is a strategy or only more force?..yesterday I was very tired with bolts :)

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Tools you will need:


Cut some wooden wedges (4 or 5 should be enough) they need to be about 5cm wide and 15cm long the angle needs to be around 45 degrees.


Next you will need at least two good quality tyre levers around 500cm long.


A large hammer


A pair of strong boots


To to remove the rims:


1 Lay the tyre and rim on the floor, walk around the tyre pushing down as close to the rim as possible this is to start to break the bead, this may take some time.


2 take a lever and hammer and drive the lever at 90 degrees to the rim and at an angle of 45 degrees to the vertical between the tyre and rim do not over do this as the lever will contact the rim base at some stage and may cause damage.


3 Lever down on the lever an at the same time drive a wedge in as far as you can beside the gap you have produced between the rim and tyre wall, now remove the lever.


4 Move to the opposite side of the tyre, ie from 6 o-clock to 12 o-clock opposite the first wedge and repeat step 3.


5 Keep doing this until all your wedges are in.


6 walk round the tyre again jumping up and down on the wall if your lucky the rim will pop off if not cut larger wedges with a 60 degree angle and go round again.


If all else fails take it to a tyre shop and get them to do it. DO NOT be tempted to put air into the tyre at any stage even a low pressure can be highly dangerous



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You'll be very lucky to find a tyre shop that will touch them, none in this area will, they cite insurance issues but I suspect the real reason is it can take hours to strip just one wheel due to rust. We have trailers with split rims and it has taken 2 of us most of today to fit 4 new tyres to one trailer. Freeing the tyres was not too much of an issue using a 'plonker' but the rim centres were rusted solid on 1 rim and only broke apart after some serious work with a 14lb sledge.

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