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Tank Museum MV day Saturday 22/9/12


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Ok folks, after a long run down to Weymouth friday (for the B&B) we arrived at Bovington safe and sound.


Took loads of piccys, was nice to see some vehicles I havnt seen, a very nice laid back little show.




1st lot, my little Landy!!!!





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Agree with Smithy -- good photos Mark and yes what a brilliant chill out show. Ours is the RL and K9 so thanks for including. We drank lots of tea -- met loads of people and generally sat round enjoying the weather and chatting. It appeared to be well organised thanks to a good effort from museum staff although the displays in the arena could have been closer together. Let's hope for a bigger and better event next year with perhaps a few more stalls

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Looks a grand day out.....really like the little car done up as Sussex Home Guard.:D...

I often wonder when you see pictures such as these..

..how many 'saved' Jeeps might you reckon are in the UK/Europe nowadays?...I know there's Jeeps and 'proper WW2' Jeeps but...if you left out the Hotchkiss 'pretend' Jeeps.....there's gotta be a few thousand that can be considered 'genuine' WW2??? so ...they're not really that rare are they?....(so we can expect the price to drop accordingly I'd love to add ! hahahah!)

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