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D DAY 2007


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last night we had the first of many meetings with a company called E4 based in Bristol who are owned by a really decent chap called Gerard Magee.

Gerard saw the tv news bulletins back last year about Ted portlock who took money off many legion members for a non existant pilgramage to Normandy for D DAY 2006.

it was only when my dad turned up on my doorstep, on the friday they were supposed to have left,absolutley beside himself with fury & disappointment that i heard what had happened.

anyway Gerard saw the news about the court case & as he owns a corporate tour company said to himself that he could take everyone instead.

so here we are at the first meeting with , as it turned out, me being the only other person in the room who has been to the Beaches making suggestions on where to go & what to see.

it was really good in the respect that because we will be the only ones on the tour we can go where we wish & because of the circumstances of how it all came about mr G said 9 of his tour guides will be with us as well so it should be fab.

so, he has now gone away with a list & will put together an itinery for the tue,wed,thu.

the wednesday will be unbelievable & i will have a big pack of tissues in my pocket because we are starting off with a service in Bayeaux Cathedral at 10am followed by a ceremony in the Bayeaux Military Cemetary. then 17.30 at Arromanche for a full colours service. WOW


I feel so lucky to have this opportunity & judging by the sense of humour & cheekiness of the over 65's the trip will be unbelievably memorable

there is so much to say i can't work out what to say & in which order

but the upshot is

Myself & the other legion members owe a huge thank you to Gerard for offering his company & services for free to make up for the upset of last year.

i will post more as details come through .


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update on a phone call i recieved tonight,

he is also paying for all 49 people to go into all museums & the 360 cinema.

he deserves a bit more than a pat on the back, mind you he did say his staff now think he is fantastic & morale in the office has grown tenfold.


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we are going to try & meet up with commander at St mere aglise but the itinery hasn;t been finalised as yet so i am not sure of the logistics.]

they were enthusiastic about the green machines but with the other events planned it will depend on how things work out .

a hopeful Berni

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