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Can anyone i.d. the reason for these bag markings?

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A pair of WW2 large packs converted for use as m/c panniers. Anyone recognise anything familiar about them and can throw any light on them? Could date from any postwar service period or they might even just be some bit of bad 'resto' bodging - although they seem that out of the ordinary for someone to do that to them. Maybe some significance in the pair having remained together? If the '2' had been hanging on the front of a vehicle I might have thought it was a bad immitation of a bridge plate, ut I seem to think 3(tons) was the lowest limit marked up? This pack also has IB2 in marker or paint on the main part. The only thing I could turn up on a Google search for that was to do with Clansman stuff, but that hardly seems relevant if thye were in use on a bike. The one marked '1' initially was marked '3', it is just showing through.


I would have posted the pic here but the site is the pits at the moment, for me at least, for uploading anything so I've done a link.




Any ideas? Over to you :-)

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