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Blandford Camp to close


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Obviously bad news for the local economy & good news for the people in the Welsh marginal seat (what a coincidence) where training is to be centralised.


I think something has been missed from a tactical radio training point of view. Now I know that you can do satellite coms training anywhere & classrooms can be anywhere. But having been a licensed radio amateur since 1964 spending some ten years in Bristol communicating with Welsh amateurs & operating from within south Wales itself. Nobody could deny it is an appallingly difficult place to communicate within & to the outside world.


Now I know there has to be training in mountainous areas but for general day to day tactical radio training the move from Dorset which represents a good selection of European countryside to mountainous Wales doesn't seem to be the brightest of ideas. :embarassed: I just have to wonder if anyone has actually given that the slightest thought? I doubt it very much as having worked as a contractor for a govt dept most decisions are taken by people who have very little grasp of what anything is about at a grass roots level.


SEME Bordon is to go so goodness know what will happen to the historic vehicle collection. I hope it doesn't follow the example of the Defence Storage & Distribution Centre Llangennach which is to close this year & in preparation have now destroyed all their archive material. :dunno:

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