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CVRT Striker Gulf War action


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I started this topic on another thread but feared it would get lost.


Are there any accounts of the Striker successfully using their Swingfire missles? A person shared that Mick Flynn's book Bullet Magnet mentioned it but it was GW2 .

Other's have spoke of the 16 / 5 L using Swingfires and 30mm Rarden to successfully engage Iraqi vehicles. Where can I find this documented and does anyone have any Gulf War pics of the Striker?



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There is a very commonly used striker pic which looks to be in Gulf, although not clear if GW1 or GW2. It is on wikipedia and comes up very regularly when you google cvrt striker. It shows 07FF88 and a couple of other vehicles whose numbers cannot be made out.


This is particularly annoying to me as I have 07FF87...!


Will be very interested to see what info this thread comes up with though..

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