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62 Tpt Sqn RCT Double Decker at Checkpoint Charlie


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Bit desperate this one! I'm trying to trace the identity of this Royal Corps of Transport bus but have only these two partial views to go on. The pictures date from October 1987 and it seems to me it could be a Büßing DE73 (probably ex-BVG). Can anyone suggest a publication that might have further info eg registration no, colour scheme etc? I should have thought it would have been painted in the normal green of army vehicles, but I did find a reference on the arrse website to its being blue with the RCT badge on the sides. From the pictures the bus seems to have the ROYAL CORPS OF TRANSPORT label in large block capitals, similar to those on the rolling stock of the British military train in Berlin. The fact that it is described as a PRI bus probably means it didn't have an official military registration, more likely a BFG one.

It's a long shot, I know! But any pointers would be much appreciated!



http://www.western-allies-berlin.com/publications/newspapers/berlin-bulletin/Berlin-Bulletin-Volume-38-Issue-41.pdf (scroll down to page 2)

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Well well well!


As an ex OC of 62 Sqn I think I can add a bit of info.


The bus was not an Army one - it was purchased and run by the PRI (welfare fund) of 62 Sqn and hired out for parties and trips by visiting units and so on (and jolly lucrative it was too).


It was registered as a British Forces Germany (BFG) vehicle (ie the same as for private cars).


It was indeed ex BVG (in fact I think they sort of donated it....) but I am a bit at a loss as to remember what make it was...Bussing sounds familiar but I cannot be sure. That said I know lots of ex 62 who might know.

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