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Lest We Forget........


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A lot of folk may have heard of Oradour Sur Glane in France but it is worth doing a little research on villages such as Lidice .....and also on such villages as Lezaky in the Czech Republic, Ardeatine in Italy and Kalavryta in Greece are all well worthy of remembrance ....

...but as history will show you , such massacres were notable only because they happened in the 'western theatre' of the War........an horrific FACT is, massacres like this were absolutely commonplace and very regular on the Eastern Front and happened more or less every other day throughout the war...........

An ordinary days operations by the German Army during both the advance into the Soviet Union in 1941 and then throughout the years of fighting would routinely involve the almost nonchalant complete destruction of literally hundreds of villages and small towns and the slaughtering of literally thousands of ordinary Soviet citizens....dragged out of their homes , out into the streets , meadows and woods and simply...butchered .

.......and the truly horrific fact about this that often escapes people is....

a hell of a lot of these 'reprisal massacres' were carried out not by SS or SD or Einsatzgruppen soldiers but ....

.....by everyday Joe normal, ordinary, supposedly 'decent' , German Army units................

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Not only on the Eastern Front, the treatment of Russian military and civillian prisoners used to build the Atlantic Wall happned on UK soil. The Island Alderney also had four concentration camps. Nordeney, Borkum, Sylt and Helgoland.


The mother of friend of mine used to hate the sound of wood being chopped. When she was a child her bedroom was adjacent to a hill called La Route De Fancfief. The prisoners were marched up the hill to work at about 5 am every morning. Those that had anything on thier feet, had wooden flip flops or sandals that echoed off the road. There are also authenticated stories of those who died during construction of the fortifications being cemented into them. The Orginsation Todt, were known locally as Greenfly, due to the colour of the uniform and they were a pest.

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