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Possibly Bomb Disposal ?


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Whats this guys?,(the guy sellng thought it might be for the bomb disposal )

made from brass , no markings .any ideas please ?...............


General demolition tool for use with Bickford safety fuse and plain detonators. Possibly commercial as it's unmarked.




One set of jaws for crimping the detonator onto the end of the fuse.


Other set of jaws for cutting fuse neatly to leave a square end.


Spiked leg is for creating a pocket for the detonator in a stick of gelignite (or "rectifying" the ready made pocket in a block of explosive, etc.)


Flattened leg is a screwdriver for all the usual reasons.


Material is a non-sparking alloy (brass, bronze or beryllium copper) for safety reasons. (Non-ferrous tools only around nitroglycerine based explosives (probably other types as well).)



(Why are you all looking at me like that? Just because I collect Signals stuff doesn't mean I know nothing about pyrotechnics. Sheesh!):-D

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Not sure which jaws are which. (Cue shark theme.)
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I'm ex-33 Engr Regt EOD (Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal) and would agree with Chris that it is a Crimping Tool.


However I believe it could be a copy of a WW2 US Combat Engineer Crimping Tool as there are no WD markings.


I've attached a link to a site selling an original (no connection) for $45 USD to help you bench-mark (item number 002611);




Best regards,



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