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  1. Hi Mark, how's the restoration of your Schwimmer coming along?
  2. I wanted to reach-out and ask if anyone could help me find a Schwimmwagen (late style) original Abdeckblech fur Wasserschraube (Tafel 22/48) please? I do have an (early style) original Abdeckblech fur Wasserschraube which I am happy to swap (for a late style) which is quite rare, but also have some Schwimmwagen/Kübelwagen mechanical parts that I'm happy to swap if needed. Many thanks for looking...
  3. Hi, Has anyone got any reference photos of unit marking on vehicles belonging to 9 Fallschirmjäger Regiment (9.FJR) which was part of 3 Fallschirmjäger Division (3.FJD)? I’m interested to know if Regimental (9.FJR) or Division (3.FJD) insignia were used? Many thanks…
  4. Hi, Does anyone know what the serial numbers were of the six M8 Greyhounds captured by the Germans from the US 14th Cavalry Group, 18th Reconnaissance Squadron, very early in the morning on (I believe) December 18th 1944 during the Ardennes Offensive please? Also, does anyone have any photos of a captured “Beute” M8 Greyhounds they could share please? Many thanks...
  5. I understand that Marmite, but I didn't say having an FAC gave Andy or I any rights to acquire/keep Black Powder, and understand that you would need an Explosives License (and not an FAC). I spent 11 years in the army, my trade being EOD and have probably more experience with explosives than most Explosive Licensing Officers but am not going to swing any lampshades or pull-up any sandbags as what I was inferring to was building trust and showing that I am responsible...
  6. Firstly congratulations. Secondly regarding the black powder question. I wanted to do the are but thought "small steps", let me prove myself before asking to load my own blanks so I didn't ask. After all you could "theoretically" create live ammunition. However I was surprised when I receive my Section 1 FAC in the post when it read
  7. Hi AlienFTM, many thanks for the sharing your experiences. Hi LarryH57, I am looking for someone who specialises in spray painting, as well as someone who knows (in detail) about the colours and colour schemes used by the Wehrmacht in Normandy and the Ardennes. Hi 06Pzkpfw-e, many thanks for the A&S lead.
  8. I wanted to ask if anyone knew of someone who specialises in painting WW2 German vehicle and the associated colour schemes please? Many thanks, Martin
  9. Just to let you know that I've found a site called "World War Wheels Wehrmacht" http://rolfask.proboards.com It seems very good and as the name suggests, focuses on vehicles of the Wehrmacht (wheeled and tracked despite the name).
  10. Thanks David, I know Bart Lemmens and am registered on his site (in fact if it wasn't for Bart I wouldn't have my Schwimmwagen). I also (believe) I'm registered on the the Wehrmacht-Awards board and will investigate the 'Achtung Panzer'-section. What I was trying to articulate in the thread was that it would great to have a centralised forum where WW2 German vehicle specialists can be identified and saught, likewise with people with parts for sale. Warmest regards, Martin
  11. Given the rarity now of WW2 German military vehicles, artillery and their evocative nature, I just wanted to ask if anyone knew of a group or forum for WW2 German vehicle owners/enthusiasts in mind? I ask as I do not know of a group or forum specifically for owners/enthusiasts of WW2 German artillery, mortars, motorcylces, softskin or tracked vehicles can meet to ask technical questions, share and exchange photos or buy/sell spares? I know that I am posting on the German Vehicle forum, but it has 174 threads in comparrison to the British Vehicle for having 2,264... This has become ap
  12. Hi Mark, I've just realised that the event is this month, has is past or is it next weekend? Anyhow, just to let you know that I think I've found the contact number of the owner of the replica Kübelwagen in Southend you were looking for (01702 334375). It seems it's made on a left hand drive 1964 VW. http://www.volkszone.com/VZi/showthread.php?t=762118 Best regards, Martin
  13. I came across the site last month but didn't realise it was largely a replica. Do you have any information regarding the restoration and what is/is not original?
  14. Hi John, I thought I'd share a couple of photos of Zwillingssockels in IF5's being towed which I found on ww2.ru Best regards, Martin
  15. Hi John, I've found a photo of a limber towing an IF5 with a Zwillingssockel 36 mounted in the rear, photographed from the rear. As for "'Auf dem Marsch nach Polenzug", my basic understanding of German translates that as "During the march to Poland".
  16. Hi John, the MG34 mount in the trailer is called a Zwillingssockel 36 and as for the trailer, I believe that to be an IF5. I can't tell the vehicle as there's little to see in the photo, but the IF5's were also towed by horse and there was a specialised limber. Just to let you know that Stoewer produced a Kfz 4 which was purposely built and had a Zwillingssockel in the back (the 2 back seats were removed), and Kfz 1's were also converted.
  17. Hi, I'm ex-33 Engr Regt EOD (Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal) and would agree with Chris that it is a Crimping Tool. However I believe it could be a copy of a WW2 US Combat Engineer Crimping Tool as there are no WD markings. I've attached a link to a site selling an original (no connection) for $45 USD to help you bench-mark (item number 002611); http://www.hayesotoupalik.com/U.S.%20Ordnance.htm Best regards, Martin
  18. No need to apologise Mark, It's a small world as I know Shoebury well as I used to be in EOD (Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal) and spent many a day blowing something up on the range... I now live in South Woodham Ferrers so not far away now either. Talking of which, are you a member of Essex MVT? As for the September event, if I'm around I could bring my 1944 Schwimmwagen if there's room, what's the booking-in process? Best regards, Martin
  19. Hi Robin, I served in the Royal Engineers and am ex-33 Engr Regt EOD (Bomb Disposal) for 5 years, and prior to that served in 23 Engr Regt in Germany as was a CVRT(T) driver. I have first hand experience of using an RAF CVR(T) "Spartan" on "Op Crabstick" which involved locating the pipe mines on disused WW2 airfields with ferrous metal detectors and then using remote control excavators to dig up the explosive filled pipes and flushing the explosive cartridges out with water. The RAF "Spartan" had what I can only describe as a goldfish bowl on the back decks which was to enable the
  20. Do you have the address Mark as I live close to Southend and am happy to follow-up for you, just PM me... Best regards, Martin
  21. Just to elaborate on Ron's post, I would recommend the following sites for the following vehicles; Kübelwagen - www.ww2vw.com Schwimmwagen - www.vw166.com Best regards, Martin
  22. I joined the British Army at 17 and served in the Royal Engineers. During my service I attained my track and HGV (Class 2) licenses, and was a driver/mechanic of such vehicles as an AFV 432, CRV(T) Spartan and Combat Engineer Tractor (CET). I've always had an interest in the Wehrmacht from a young age (blaming my Father), which was enthused by finding a German Fallschirmjäger helmet in Norway (near Dombås) in 1995 on my Novice Ski & Survival Course (Arctic Warfare Qualification) after passing my All Arms Commando Course earlier in the year. I'm especially interested in vehicles used by
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