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Does anyone know who owns this Halftrack???


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just mooching another website that I peruse from time to time ..... and in the middle of a thread on a derelict old WW2 POW Camp in Crook (somewhere up in the North East?)..... there are a few photos of a halftrack looking a bit sad and forgotten.....def looks WW2 to me ....

just wondered if any of you on here know who owns it????....and is it being 'cared for'?

(she doesn't look 'loved' to me :undecided: )

here's the link anyways..... http://www.derelictplaces.co.uk/main/showthread.php?t=22443

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My type of thread.


I really cant get over the amount of derelict stuff in the UK. Was watching a documentry about it last time I was in the UK and many places have registers of what is derelict, to sell.


It dont happen in Australia as just about everything gets torn up and recycled so old ghost towns in the goldfields etc are just barely visible where roads used to be.

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Yeah Rick W it's not a bad site at all.....

:)...pretty good for ex-military sites that you otherwise perhaps wouldn't have known anything about.........they've covered some cracking ones over the years..

.. Until seeing it on there for example, I had no idea that we once had an intercontinental missile base on the Isle of Wight :wow:...also quite a few long disused but still quite complete POW camps turn up on there regularly along with many former Airfields and Gun Batteries, other fortifications of various vintages from Napoleonic times to WW2 and always lots of bunkers and other underground locations....there's also a good 'foreign'coverage too .....:cheesy:...

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Yes,the camp is Harperly and was up for sale as the owners and English Heritage couldn' get along.We had some really good events there up until 4 years ago.

The half track belonged to a re-enacter but has now long gone,it had a diesel grafted in to it and had the interia missing.




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  • 10 years later...


Here is the said halftrack on the right, now fully restored. It was retrieved in 2018. Its original engine became faulty some years previously and it was left after a show. Eventually moved into on of the POW huts. It doesn't have a diesel engine in it, it is fitted with a Whites 160AX with a slight modification. The one on the left is mine.

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