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Anyone had power steering problems with a RB44 ?

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As the thread title say ..... a freind overseas has recently bought a RB44, straight out of service, via a dealer. Only 10,000 miles on the clock and in good condition, looks like it could have served with the Army Air Corps. To the point, when it is cold, power steering works reasonably well, but as soon as the oil warms up the assistance to the steering rapidly diminishes. I found something on a website about fitting a larger diameter pulley to the steering pump to make it rotate faster, but do not think this was an official mod., just something done by a private owner.


Would like to hear from anyone with similar problems.


regards, Richard

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I've had my RB for arround 18 months now and not had any issues so far (touch wood).

I cannot see how a larger pully will help. If its working as you say it is, it could

be a worn pump. Its where I'd start to look.




Thanks Andy,

Quite possible for a worn pump, I had told my friend to do a pressure check, but not sure he has the full technical manual to know what is correct pressure. Truck is 10,000 miles from me, so unable to check myself!!

Reason I mentioned pulley, was that I found this on a RB44 related web forum, and another post said how steering was hard at low engine revs, comments also said that pump was not running fast enough (hence larger pulley equals more speed). The RB technical dept phone number is no longer working, we had been in touch with them late last year, but have a feeling they might have moved.

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