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Zootog saying hello

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Hi everybody


Just joined this forum for 2 reasons.


1. Going to be buying a L/R 101 forward control in the near future for a long road trip.


2 A members land rover restoration project 12 HG 54 caught my eye, and would like to make contact with the member, I knew this little friend some time back?:-D


That'll do for now, nothing worse than long Oscar style intro's on forums:yawn:



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Hi and welcome to the forum, good luck with your hunt for the Landi.

Andy. 54HG12......I'm rather intrested in what you may know about Her.


Hi Andy, have sent you a PM.........won't keep you in suspense too long........in fact, I've just realised I can upload a pic, so here goes, that me with 54 HG 12 on the left..........:cool2:



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Welcome to the forum. Whereabouts are you from?


Hi Montie


Currently living near Dublin..........where am I from?........, how long have you got, born in Singapore and have 3 passports, UK, Australian & Irish (edited version):-D

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Excelent, thanks.

I will start a new thread regards this Landi and the history since Aug. 2004 when I took delievery of Her. Need less to say you are more than welcome if the chance to drive Her again.

No civi modifications have been made. I am the first owner on the log book.

The thread I will have to start next week now as I must load Her up for a event tomorrow.

PS Still have a origional key fob. :)

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