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  1. Andy, this is great news, and give provenience to my Mum in Post 10. Remember I said she worked in Vehicle dispatch at Chilwell - check out the ref no at where CRAB 1 was sent from............. CWL555, methinks that stands for Chilwell Got to get my Mum to visit this forum now!!! Andy, now I'm blown away........... A random photo to celebrate!!!
  2. Its fair to say, the a for mentioned WO2 didn't like me much, and the feeling was mutual. Back at Container City he was in charge of MT for the workshop sqn, apart from other things. So before I nicked CRAB 1 this will help explain the events as to why I had to resort to theft to do my job. In my book, you will read that I actually volunteered to serve in the gulf, again this is important later... Back in the 4th post of this adventure I mentioned the difficulties I had getting wheels to do my job, and having to deal with this low IQ grunt didn't make my job any easier, to be fair without
  3. Before I go on with my exploits, where are some stuff I need to explain. Firstly the fact that I was "only" a corporal (RAF) after 13 years service, attached to a REME unit that many of the techies came out of training as Corporals. Was I dumb or stupid - no. On the contrary, I was recommended for a commission some years before. The Army/RAF rank structure is more about maths than anything else. Soldier's has until he is 40 to reach the top WO1/RSM, an airman has until he is 55 to reach warrant officer - Army 22yr career - Airman 37yr career, with similar rank structure. Consequently, som
  4. Not long after we got into the desert, I bumped into 4 regt's CO Colonel (??? = any ideas folks?), whilst visiting a sqn. He had a long face on him. I asked him if everything is ok with his flying kit? He grumbled that all his aircrew were really worried about not having access to laser protection - the latest technology in flying helmet visors. I knew of these from before the conflict, he complained that there are non available, the only only ones in theater were at Dharan, fitted to Tornado pilots helmets. My brother in law was my best man and close friend was doing my job at one of the Tor
  5. After all the preparations to the kit, helicopters and equipment was made servicable, the air war was well under way and we left our container city and moved into our freshly dug berm, up nearer the Iraqi border, waiting for the green light to move into Iraq. This is when CRAB 1 came into her own, the berm, where we were located was the workshop squadron, the 4 sqn's of helicopters were deployed 25kms apart in different locations, there wasn't a lot for my and Kev to do, so we tried to visit 2 of the squadrons every day, just checking with the aircrew that everything was ok. The coms/
  6. Hello Tony Welcome, I'm new myself, whereabouts in Perth do you live?
  7. Here is one of my guys replacing all 80 odd aircrews clear visors, mainly Mk 4a helmets for those that are interested. REEMS getting their cabs ready The stable door was very useful later at the berm:D This was during a scud attack , I was listening to live commentary of BFBS radio, I thought it was great, I was relaying what I was hearing via the earphones on my walkman. There was a huge whooshing noise, like being near to a rocket being lit of bonfire night, then a massive explosion as the Patriot hit the scud, this had just happened in the photo. But I
  8. I'm using this as a bit of a visual synopsis of my book, so I need to rewind a bit. To the pics of me and Kev painting CRAB 1 Our compound on the outskirts of Al Jubail was stacked shippping containers. the prep before moving into the Berm in the desert was done there by workshop Sqn REME took this from on top of the containers (obviously) Here is the Binner I acquired, it carried all the service records for the aircraft, I just packed all the records into a smaller space, with room for 2 to live in comfortably, that's why 2 of us had to be re-deployed :cool2:
  9. YOUR speechless, finding CRAB 1 has given me the kick up the arse to get my book finished..... Wait until I tell me Mum, this'll make you laugh........ I come from a family tradition of military service, my dad was in Korea, Aden, Granddad was actually 8th Army LRDG, something that shoe horns nicely into this story later......right back to my Great Great Great (I think thats enough Greats) grandad who served in the 1857 Indian Mutiny (sold his medal when I was 16 to buy a Yamaha FSIE) Regret it now, but thats life. Anyway, my Mum.........80 now, when Dad came out of the Army, he go
  10. Our new temporary home After getting all the kit ready to move into our new home in the desert. I was in charge of a small 4 man RAF contingent of Survival Equipment Fitters, our prep was simple, slacken off all 4 Regt aircrews' flying helmets, so they could wear an AR5 Aircrew NBC Hood underneath the helmets,protection from Saddam's chemical/bio weapons, we needed to do this with the aircrew wearing the helmet. The 4 sqn's were deployed 25km apart, that's why I nicked 54 HG 12 - to do my job. After the aircrews helmets were all slackened off, we didn't have a lot to do. So, as CRAB 1
  11. Spot on, it is used pretty generic by the Army as a slang for RAF personnel, Crabs, nothing to do with STI's
  12. Oh I yearn for those compo sausages in the 4/10 man rat packs, all that fat packed around them, used to pierce the top, slap around my LR manifold, 15 minutes later hot wall sausages Yummm......
  13. Just to clarify why I stole 54 HG 12 I was RAF attached to Army, my role included supporting aircrew on 4 locations, about 25kms apart in the desert. Trying to get hold of somebody else's wheels to do my job, was impossible, both the Army & The RAF said the problem of transport was each others. I decided that if I'm here to do a job, then I'll do it - whatever it takes, in this case whatever it takes involved me "taking" a land rover off the dockside.......... Here is CRAB 1 with her new paint job, CRAB 1 was painted over the number plate. Maybe an ex Army member can e
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