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Humber FWD PU Body

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Hi Guys


Right, i am about to build from scratch a PU rear body for my 8cwt 1942 Humber.


Might even have to get the wheel arches made if i can't find some.




If anyone else has done this before and has any patterns, drawings or indeed spare parts please shout.


otherwise if anyone wants one made it would make sence to do more than one.





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I assume the 8cwt bodies were all fairly similar. My 4x4 Morris has it's original body although the rear mudguards are a much simpler option. The sides are steel, the floor and tailboard are timber. Just shout if you want a measurement or conformation.



Morris PU 84 002.jpg

Morris PU 84 005.jpg

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Hi Jules

Mike Kelly who produced the drawings some time ago (was it really 2003?) sent me a copy of them at the time. We were at that time involved with a Chevrolet C8 restoration. Let me know of you need a copy, its an age since I've spoken to Mike but feel sure that he wouldn't mind if it was helping another restorer. They were produced for a Morris commercial 8cwt restoration.

kind regards


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