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16h Clutch plates


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my villiers consort has a cork clutch and has recently failed ....I contacted villiers services




and to recork the clutch was £9 if they did it or 35p a segment if you bought the cork ...


I appreciate this is for villiers engines but it gives you a current price cost.........




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Forget corks !! Use modern Norton fibre friction plates.......these are slightly heavier and thicker so you may need one friction and one steel plate less.......most UK autojumbles and dealers stock post-war modern replacements.....not sure the exact type, but the Norton clutch didn't really change much post-WW2..........Try Norvil in the UK, or Mick Hemmings...they will know what you're seeking....


My 16H uses the modern fibre friction plates in conjunction with the remaining original parts, and it's a beautifully smooth, light, trouble-free item.......plus, more oil-resistant than the old cork variety and far, far cheaper.....oh, and trouble-free...:D


I've used similar modern plates in my Ariel W/NG with the same result..........

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