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FAL variant gas adjustment


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I've got an Austrian STG.58 variant of the FAL, i have a question regarding the gas adjustment. The regulator is currently on the hold open possition. i already understand the procedure, my question is - i was wondering if the tool was required to do so? or if i could just muscle it or maybe use a household tool safely or without causing damage to the firearm itself. i plan on selling it in a few weeks and cant really drop the cash on the tool, or a gunsmith.

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It actually does turn by hand, but only after being freed (cautiously) with a pair of vice-grips. looks the regulator hadn't been adjusted since the upper was installed after import... i wonder how many times this firearms was sold because it 'didnt work' lol. i know i picked it up for about 1/3rd what they usually run hahaha.

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Remove the handguards.

At the rear of the rotating gas regulator WILL be a horseshoe shaped spring clip retaining it.

Remove this clip, one side at a time & slide it back along the gas cylinder.

Push the regulator back away down the cylinder as well.

If it is Tight, as you say it is. Tap it back LIGHTLY with a small hammer & a BRASS drift. (This will prevent damaging the Reg)

Clean all around the shiney area that the regulator rotates upon. ( WORN, OLD Emery cloth strip will do this well.

Do NOT use fresh/Sharp Emery cloth!)


Oil lightly, & Reverse the procedure as mentioned above.


This SHOULD rectify your problem. If it does not, then the regulator MAY be flattened a little.

To retify that problem you would have to remove the gas cylinder.

This is held in place with a SMALL cross pin underneath the gas block.

When the pin is removed, the cylinder should unscrew & you can remove tha gas reg from it.

Replacement as stated, is the reverse procedure. When you put the retaining pin back in.#

it is a GOOD idea to LIGHTLY peen the edge of the pins holes over on each side.

This will preevnt the pin from working out & the cylinder roatating slightly. & then causing the rifle to fail to recock.

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When I removed the handguards, I realized that the cylinder was actually unscrewed with the pin still in place. I get the feeling someone some where wasn't doing their job. lol. Havn't made it to the woods to test it yet, but i no longer need to sell it! Things all of the sudden got stable, a rare treat these days haha.

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