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Binoculars, Prism No.2 Mk II

Sean N


I have a pair of Binoculars, Prism No.2 Mk II with graticules 1/2 deg apart and 1/4, 1/2 and 1 deg high, made by Kershaw, 1943. Who would have used these and what for? Were they standard issue or particular to any specialism or branch of the service?

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I believe that these were the standard binoculars used during ww2. I have seen them both in leather cases (marked as Binoculars no2 case mk1) and canvas cases (possibly binoculars no2 case mk2?). I have heard that they were used by the RAF but they were issued to the Army and other similar forces for use on the field as they could attach to webbing. They often had canvas neck straps but some may have been leather.




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