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About time I got on here...


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Hello all,


My name is Mark Palmer, I've been restoring classic/vintage vehicles all my life. I Started with an MG PA, then on to a 1937 Singer LeMans and sold them to get married. I reluctantly bought an MG Midget, sold that and got a TR4A which I also ended up selling. Two children later and hefty mortgage I thought it'd be nice to get back in to old vehicles only to realise that the old vintage cars were out of my price range. An opportunity arose to buy a military vehicle and thats when the problem started. I bought a GMC 353 LWB in 1987, then a Ford F-15 followed by a Willys Jeep.


I began attending military vehicle shows, was a member of IMPS in its infancy attending Beltring (War & Peace Show) from around 1988, organised the London to Brighton Military Vehicle run with Jim Fleet, visited all the haunts and memorials in France and Belgium and still own all the military vehicles I started with.




It may be that I know or have met a few of you on here but to everyone hello and its great to be online embracing the technology... having said that I think my son will be maintaining and monitoring the majority of my posts/threads.


Mark Palmer



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The Singer Le-mans is out of your price range? I would have thought your truck would be equal in value now as the singer is an extremely under-rated car. I am not jut saying that because my parents have owned a 1936 Le-Mans for the past 40 years either!


Welcome to the forum.

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Thanks for the warm welcome!I'm also, reluctantly, looking to sell my collection of military vehicles shortly starting with my Willys Jeep. I'll be posting in the "For Sale" section so hopefully I'll get some interest. I thought about Ebay but there are so many time wasters who ask really silly questions so I think this might be the best place? I'm not sure.ANway, thank you for welcoming me to the forum!Mark

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