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Disinfector Field No2, 1943


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I think it is a later version of the T.O.T. Disinfector that was designed for brigade transport on lorry, cart or camel.

Instructions are in Field Service Hygiene Notes (India) 1940 together with old favourites like the Serbian barrel, the Aldershot box & the Railway disenfecting van.




Looking in Field Service Hygiene Notes (India) 1945 it covers the Field portable disinfector No.3.This seems to be a double version of yours with an operator's seat.

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I think they were designed to fit over a steam tube to heat the fluid and contents.


I reckon it's for use with Burner No.1 or equivalent, and is for sterilising (delousing?) blankets from what I can read

of the instruction label. May be for field hospital rather than laundry use, of course.


Operation appears to be: fill bottom of unit with water to a specified level. fold blankets as directed (so that there are no air gaps between the blanket and the sides of the unit that would let steam escape rather than passing all the way through the blanket load). Insert blankets as required, close and fasten lid, turn on heat (or place on heater), time three minutes from when steam escapes from top before turning off the heat or removing from heater.


Just my 2d worth.

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