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43BM13 was a Leyland Martian 6x6 RA Gun tractor. And for a while in the mid 70s, mine. An absolute heap, but I loved it to bits, and the first thing I got to be in charge of properly, all by myself. 5 mpg on petrol, 15mpg on oil (yup, it leaked). I was particularly proud of the fact that I knew how to get to the top winch grease nipple (pull up the rear floorboard) which defeated most other people. I suspect it got gas axed many years ago!


A couple of tips from memory 35 or so years ago: when lifting the engine covers, use the handles thoughtfully provided by Mr Leyland for the purpose even if it means bending down a bit. Using the handily flared ventilation slots at where the top cover meets the sides means that as you lift, the side neatly hinges underneath the slot and removes the skin from the top of your finger. Also, don't be tempted to leave the tailboard in the horizontal position using the chains (like someone else did to me). When you go round the rear of the vehicle at speed to check that all is secure, this will neatly coincide with your head rendering you unconscious, leading to enquiries from your No 1 as to why the *** you are lying on the floor and haven't got the vehicle moving yet!








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Welcome Hugh, and thanks also for your contribution to the forum of Martian knowledge! I've been collecting images of these gun tractors, whilst I don't have one of your truck here is 43BM12! Cheers, Duncan



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