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  1. Always impressed by your progress, she's going to be the best example of this rare breed! Not had any time for mine lately, but she's tucked up inside in the dry so not feeling too guilty :-D
  2. Thanks for the replies, I guess we can at least assume its something unusual I guess with over 200 views from the knowledgeable chaps on here its nothing ordinary....
  3. Hi folks, I came across this image of a Scammell TRMU tank transporter, I'm looking to paint mine in something that isn't the usual DBG or Sand camouflage.... Can anyone identify the pattern, or the colours that would have been used? Or perhaps another picture of the scheme? Many Thanks, Duncan
  4. Hi Everyone, Here are some shots of the TRMU I have just bought, I think these were taken in 2009 when it was for sale by Graham Booth on ebay. I'm very keen to try and trace its history, it has a number of panels painted in a bright blue colour and as you can see has various non-standard bits and pieces. Its registration mark is KYW922. The story I was told is that it was owned by a gentleman who was restoring it, it sat possibly in a barn for 30 years and was sold to Graham Booth after the owner sadly passed away. The previous owner to me thought it may have been used by a showman. There is a rebuild plate with a 1953 date, give than very few of these made it to the 1949 census it seems likely this one might have been converted to a ballast tractor, I see reference to others converted in 1953. Any advice or knowledge gratefully received! Cheers, Duncan
  5. Thanks Dave & Utt61 I managed to get a copy from Andy Fowler, he's going senile and ended up buying two! The Pioneer is now bought, should get it up the road this week!! Cheers, Duncan
  6. Hi Simon, Thanks for the link, I will drop Mark an email.... Cheers!
  7. I can't remember where I got that picture from, but do remember something about steam boiler testing? Seems unlikely in the 1950's... Looks like Leyland did make a steam boiler though?! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Leyland_steam_wagon_boiler,_section_%28Rankin_Kennedy,_Modern_Engines,_Vol_V%29.jpg
  8. There are some excellent images and write up of Pioneer gun tractor's being used for heavy haulage in New Zealand in 1954. Just follow this link: http://www.truckingvideoproductions.com/Thephotos/Historicalbums.aspx
  9. Hi Folks, I'm doing a bit of research on a Scammell Pioneer, it has a triangular marking on one of the doors which I presume is from its civilian life. I "think" the MTN registration is Newcastle-Upon-Tyne area so possibly a haulage company or roads agency in that area? The image isn't great I'm afraid.... anyone got any ideas? Does anyone know "MTN 110" or have any pictures? Thanks in advance! Duncan
  10. Yip, that's the one I'd love a look at, that or the ballast tractor which as you say I think is in the same ownership? I though someone mentioned WFX402 had gone overseas though? Anyone know the chap?
  11. Hi Rick, Its a shame more of the trailers didn't survive, is the one in Yorkshire complete with a trailer? I need to have a look at an original one at some point and take some photo's measurements! Cheers, Duncan
  12. Looks like a cross between the chitty chitty bang bang car and a Pioneer! What a pimpin' ride.... And yes Niels that was my first thought when I saw that picture, any idea what "type" of camouflage that is? Anyone got a better picture of something similar? Would be much more interesting the sand or green...
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