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  1. Always impressed by your progress, she's going to be the best example of this rare breed! Not had any time for mine lately, but she's tucked up inside in the dry so not feeling too guilty :-D
  2. Hi Everyone, Here are some shots of the TRMU I have just bought, I think these were taken in 2009 when it was for sale by Graham Booth on ebay. I'm very keen to try and trace its history, it has a number of panels painted in a bright blue colour and as you can see has various non-standard bits and pieces. Its registration mark is KYW922. The story I was told is that it was owned by a gentleman who was restoring it, it sat possibly in a barn for 30 years and was sold to Graham Booth after the owner sadly passed away. The previous owner to me thought it may have been used by a showman
  3. I can't remember where I got that picture from, but do remember something about steam boiler testing? Seems unlikely in the 1950's... Looks like Leyland did make a steam boiler though?! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Leyland_steam_wagon_boiler,_section_%28Rankin_Kennedy,_Modern_Engines,_Vol_V%29.jpg
  4. There are some excellent images and write up of Pioneer gun tractor's being used for heavy haulage in New Zealand in 1954. Just follow this link: http://www.truckingvideoproductions.com/Thephotos/Historicalbums.aspx
  5. Looks like a cross between the chitty chitty bang bang car and a Pioneer! What a pimpin' ride.... And yes Niels that was my first thought when I saw that picture, any idea what "type" of camouflage that is? Anyone got a better picture of something similar? Would be much more interesting the sand or green...
  6. Here are two of my "in service" pics showing the reflectors on the arches, not doubting you, there seems to be many variations! \
  7. You got me thinking about these lights and trafficators, I found this picture showing a martian with them still fitted. I also have a picture of one in service with the trafficators and no indicators... They also seem to have two reflectors per side above the centre of the wheel arches?
  8. Thanks for the reply Richard, do you have any experience rebuilding these, or obtaining seals/parts for them? Cheers, Duncan
  9. Something like this would be a good bet long term I reckon.... http://www.weldinggases.co.uk/index.php?_a=viewProd&productId=17
  10. Yup, that's the one's I've been looking at! Have you tried the fitting on the accumulator valve? Bit worried about my seals, I can't imagine they are great. I believe they are a common part with the Routemaster? No doubt expensive and difficult to get hold of :cry: I read that you can use welding gas, inert and dry, but not sure if there is any science behind using the nitrogen. I have a BOC account and might also look into the "outright purchase" bottles with no rental costs..
  11. A little xmas treat for all Martians! A 2 page document on the civilian version of the Leyland Martian, take from "The Commercial Motor" 1954
  12. Looking good! I have a similar pump on mine, I presume you have also bypassed the original mechanical pump? Any problems with fuel pressure being too high for the carb? Oh and have you looked into pressurising the accumulators? I've been looking around at the kit to charge them from a Nitrogen bottle, brakes and steering are high on my agenda ;-)
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