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Warning about ex tender sales vehicle fuel


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Hi thought id post a warning to you all !


If your thinking of buying a land rover from tender sales as i have recently bought a 90 from withams and when i went to give it an overhaul found this rather strange substance in the fuel tank which smells like linseed oil and not diesel so i think this is the possible cause why my injector pump has gone as this stuff doesnt have the same lubricating quality as diesel the two cases seem to be interlinked,

So i thought that i better let you all know that when looking at a tender sales vehicles in this case land rovers give the land rover fuel tank filler a sniff and if it smells like linseed then its the same stuff ive got in a jerry can not sure if its stuff that withams are using for running them up or its coming from the army but i dont think fuel injector pumps like it !



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