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  1. I think so, I’ll check the paper skip this evening for you. How many would you want? PM me perhaps.
  2. I have 5 of these, all used/filled in, any use at £5 inc post in UK? Pictures are of one of them. They are destined for the recycling wheelie bin on the next collection. Someone must want one/them surely. Discount for quantity! message me if any interest either here over via Military Can-Am website.
  3. Tom, would you like a NOS cover for your BSA generator? ’pm’ me somehow your full name and address for me to send it to you if you would. Or look us up at Military Can-Am on the ‘net. Paul.
  4. A fantastic resource for Information and spares is.... http://www.bsawdb40.com Paul.
  5. Please excuse me in that I think I had the answer to my question but I’ve ‘lost it’. Increasing age might have to be my only excuse. Ex-Military vehicles with age related registration marks; for one with “declared manufactured” 1980 is it now MoT exempt or will it be so after the end of 2020 or some other time? Thank you. Paul.
  6. I'm looking to buy the brass ends (the folded over sheet metal type) plus the rivets for straps plus the 'open side slides' in order to make up some unusual covers. Straps will be 1" wide I think - or whatever the fitting suit! Can anyone advise me of a seller of these items loose please? Quantity is about 100 off each. Thank you for looking at my post and hoping someone can help me. Paul.
  7. Please excuse my ignorance but is that a Zwicky bowser? Paul.
  8. Its a while since we recommended such a source, where does anyone suggest please? Generally not for machines with 654 but Military Registration known/found. Paul.
  9. From a British vehicle spares viewpoint the only two traders of note (to me) were Marcus Glenn (previously absent for 5 years) and Carl Jenkins (LMS). Marcus Glenn was very busy with sack truck loads of items departing his large stall regularly. Plenty of his excellent paint leaving too, particularly towards the end of the day. LMS's range of lines were as we usually see. It seems that the British vehicle world (including motorcycles, my 'thing') has waned at Stoneleigh, perhaps that's something we ought to work on. Mind you, the stalls in the two show halls were fully taken, even Lieutena
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