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Torque settings and firing order??

Rick W

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Being a bit of a doughnut sometimes, I bought a manual for my 4 cylinder Morris GS, only to find it was for the 8 cylinder version! Well done me! Can anyone tell me the correct torque settings for tightening the head bolts and the firing order from the distributor cap. Many thanks :?

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I am happy to do a copy of the maintenance and drivers manuals for free if you pay the postage - PM me and I'll send my address.


I have originals of the manuals so they will be first generation and I will do them as the original size ie maintenance is A4 whereas Groucho produces it at A5 size so the diagrams and photos are very blurred - I have his manuals as well so speak from personal experience. :banghead:


The manuals do not list torque settings. It is my understanding that vehicles of that era do not quote torque settings because field mechancis would not have such tools with them to be able to do it in the field anyway. Base mechanics set things by dint of their experience. Anyone care to correct me????


Intersting that John recommends 60lbs, I was guessing at 40 lbs when I replaced my head on my C8, I will have to increase that now

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