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Rolls B80

Throbbin Hood

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Since the B80 seems pretty old and clunky to me, will it run on a mix of Paraffin (kerosene) to petrol?


Also is a slight misfire around tickover normal?


Please excuse my Petrol noviceness as im more of a Diesel head.


As this B80 is in a Saracen, you need all the power you can get, and using a petrol / paraffin mix will not help, also paraffin is known to induce bore wear as it can wash oil from it. With the exhaust manifold on the opposite side to the inlet, there is little chance of it vapourising., another negative. as for slight misfire, you need to check the two sets of points are correctly adjusted and also not pitted, plugs are serviceable, etc.

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IF YOU RUN MAXIMUM 15% you may find she runs a tad sweeter and you may not get the carb freezing and or the poor running at high temperature. modern petrol is very volatile and paraffin can reduce its volatility a tad...but i am with richard, it can increase wear...


get a jolly electronic ignition, best addition to any B series engine ever...

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A chap I know runs a B engine on LPG gas - and it runs 100% better for it. In fact he does not even bother to start it on petrol, although he runs it on wet fuel once in a while to keep the carb in decent shape.


Kero in petrol is such a bad idea without the right vaporising manifold. Any cost savings will be quickly wiped out by the cost of sorting a wrecked engine.

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