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B Vehicle history- Hilton?


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Hi everyone,

I'm new to HMVF, and this is my first post!

I've just received a reply from the RLC museum with a copy of my Land Rover's equipment card. I'm still none the wiser as to where my vehicle was used. The card has two entries on it, the first being 'HILTON 033425/015' and the second is the date and place it was sold on from the MOD- BCA Bridgwater. The only thing is, what does Hilton refer to?

My Land Rover is a civilian spec 110 with a military reg number. I assume it was used as a station/base 'run around' as a gs vehicle - I served in the RAF and all stations had 'civvy spec' Land Rovers.

Just wondering if anyone can shed any light for me!



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Thansk for the replies- I did wonder if it might have been where the vehicle was first, but had not heard of it before. The photos of the derelict buildings are great, though wouldn't they look good if it showed the place while 'in service'? as well- with all the vehicles!


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